Memory and Brain Boosting Supplements

Memory and brain functions have been bunched under the title of cognition. Advancing age is a known risk factor for cognitive impairment. Since physicians don’t have drug therapies, people often turn towards complementary and alternative medicine systems to preserve or enhance cognition. Moreover, with growing academic pressure on students, boosting brain faculties is always welcome. Dietary supplements are the most common form of alternative medicines that patients use.


It has been known since the Vedic times that relative abundance of certain nutrients can increase cognitive processes. Newer studies have shown the effect of certain dietary factors on neuronal function and synaptic plasticity.


Supplements that have a proven benefit include:

  1. Ginkgo biloba: A powerful herb from Ayurveda, it has been used over many generations for cognitive health. It improves cerebrovascular circulation, reduces free radical generation and inhibits age-related reduction of neurotransmitter receptors. It plays an important role in preventing dementia and cognitive decline. Its potency is very similar to large doses of drugs being pushed to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids: Fish oil supplements or Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) has piqued a lot of interest. It is the single most essential nutrient that can stimulate the brain to function better. Omega-3 fatty acid is a major building block of cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for cognition and attention. It also plays a role in neuronal conduction. It has been strongly linked to lowering risk of Alzheimer’s.
  3. Vitamin B6, B9 and B12: Deficiency of Vitamin B increases homocysteine levels, which adversely affects cognition and is associated with increased risk of dementia. Although studies have not shown a substantial benefit of using Vitamin Bo, it continues to be the most commonly used supplement.
  4. Vitamin E: Oxidative stress is hypothesized to increase brain damage and lead to dementia. Vitamin E is a lipid soluble vitamin, which crosses the blood-brain barrier and exerts it protective antioxidant effects.
  5. Creatine: It not just boosts memory and brainpower, but also helps to develop muscle mass and strength. Increased availability of phosphocreatine helps with increasing ATP synthesis and better energy formation. Thus, it helps to increase short-term memory and reasoning skills.
  6. Choline and Piracetam: Choline serves as a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Combining it with Piracetam increases its potential for improving memory potential and treating neuro-degenerative conditions. Piracetam enhances Choline uptake, mainly in regions responsible for memory formation.
  7. Asian ginseng: A herb, it has been traditionally used to obviate fatigue and uplift mood. It has garnered a lot of attention for its ability to enhance memory, focus and attention. It can also improve performance and physical endurance.
  8. Caffeine: Caffeine use is associated with rise in focus, motivation and mood and of course memory. A cup of coffee before studying can significantly boost memory. But overuse of caffeine can lead to anxiety, palpitations and tremors. Adding L-theanine to caffeine negates its side effects, while potentiating its positives and relaxation.
  9. Phosphatidylserine: A phospholipid, phosphatidylserine is an important part of cell membrane of neurons. It is found in high concentration within the brain. It regulates nutrients entering into the brain. It helps with ADHD and inattention problems by increasing focus and attention and boosting memory.


The choice of using cognitive enhancers lies up to the user. But have realistic expectations and know that there is no such thing as an all-rounder supplement for brainpower. To pick the best cognitive enhancer, expert physician guidance or your personal experience are the best guides. Try using the natural boosters before jumping onto medicinal drugs. The slow and imperceptible cognitive decline can be successfully managed with brain food and good dietary goals.


Pet Nutrition Supplements?

It has become routine for people to include a daily multivitamins tablet as part of their regular diet. Why should a human be the only one to take benefit from the additional minerals and vitamins? Pets may well need dietary supplements. Veterinarians these days suggest pet owners to provide dietary supplements to the pets. These supplements are formulated specifically for the dietary needs of pets.

Ask yourself, Does Your Pet Need Supplements?

Pets whose diet is balanced don’t need other supplements. However, pets not on balanced diet or recovering from weakness due to disease require additional ingredients. Research about good supplements or consult a Veterinarian. These products help in reducing joint pains, protecting hair coats and improving the digestive health.

Choose the right Supplements

Ingredients chondroitin and glucosamine used in treating stiffness of joints in both humans and animals. Some supplements have ingredients that add essential fatty acids to the body to increase the moisture in the hair and skin for example Fish oil which helps to get rid of dry skin and hair coats. Vitamins E and C reduce the inflammation and useful for their antioxidant properties.

People eat foods such as yogurt helps to keep the micro bacterial balance of the intestines, and soluble fiber for aiding in digestion. Few of these ingredients are used to make the prebiotic and probiotic formulas for animals for same use. Prebiotic and probiotic supplements are important for digestive health which helps to maintain the immune system and reduce the diarrhea and allergy symptoms.

Can Supplements Be Harmful? Think about it.

It is important to understand that each body is different, and what might be good for one animal is not always good for another. It is especially true for animals on other medications and in pre-existing health problems.

Different brands contain the different formulation of ingredients. Thus, it becomes difficult to determine dosages for very small animals. Doctors help you to determine the best dosage. Age and Size of the pet are important factors for deciding it. Try to use the balance formula based on dogs and cats. There are many ingredients in Human Grade Supplements which are harmful to dogs and cats but not for humans.In large-breed puppies, too much consumption of calcium causes skeletal problems. Too much vitamin D harms bones of dog and causes muscles to atrophy.

What should you look for?

Consult with your pet veterinarian before buying any pet health supplement, if you have any doubts on whether it is suitable for your pet’s health or not. If pet behaves abnormally, stop the use of the supplements and talk to the Veterinarian. Always purchase from a reputable company or website. Be familiar with the recommended dosage and with the formula your pet needs.

Herbal Extracts in Manufacturing Nutritional supplement Products

For over a millennium, Ayurveda has formed an important part of the Indian and Chinese traditional medicine systems. These traditional systems have clearly outlined the benefits of using herbs and plants for nutrition, treatment and cure. Since its globalization, studies are being undertaken to understand the potential of herbal extracts and its use in supplementing deficient diets. These nutritional supplement products containing herbal extracts are popularly known as herbal supplements, botanicals or phytomedicine.


The use of herbs as a medicinal alternative to conventional medicine has changed drastically over the last three decades. Large numbers of herbs are used, singly or in combinations, for treating common ailments and diseases. Some commonly used herbs include


  1. Ginkgo:It is used to treat circulatory problems and enhance memory. It dilates blood vessels, reduces ‘stickiness’ of platelets and is known to improve dementia in older adults.


  1. St. John’s wort: In many field trials and studies, it has proven its worth as an effective antidepressant for the treatment of mild to moderate depression. The absent side effects of contemporary antidepressants are an added bonus. A similar herbal extract obtained from Valerian has soothing properties and used for treating insomnia. It is both safe and gentle.


  1. Echinacea preparations:This herbal extract is used in a variety of nutritional supplements like chyawanprash. It is a natural immunity booster that can keep your cough and cold at bay.


Herbal extracts are finding use in boosting stamina and increasing physical endurance. Herbs have been used throughout history for increasing physical performance. But scientific trials, controlled scrutiny and global manufacturing have developed only in the recent past. Some of the herbal extracts known for toning up the body systems and increasing natural resilience. The popularly used herbal extracts in this field are:


  1. Ginseng: One of the most commonly used herbs in America, it has been touted for its potential to enhance vitality and produce antianxiety effects. The active compound is found in its roots, which is ginsenosides that reduces stress, relieves mental fatigue and increases immunity to help rejuvenate the body and mind.


  1. Ashwangandha: It is one of the most powerful herbs of Ayurveda. It has shown to be effective even in cases unresponsive to vitamin and mineral supplementation. It tones up the muscles, increases skeletal strength, and facilitates improved memory and enhanced immunity. Statistically, Ashwangandha has improved mood problems and helped patients control blood sugar and ameliorate sexual relationships.


  1. Schisandra: Also referred to as Magnolia, it is a potent adaptogen, which is almost as efficacious as ginseng. In Chinese medicinal system, it was initially used primarily for nervous conditions like neurashenia, mental fatigue, depression and circulatory problems. Now it is used to stimulate the central nervous system for an increased mental and physical capacity.


  1. Gotu Kala: Used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, Gotu Kala is a well-known herb with active triterpenoid compounds. It is used as a tonic to increase energy and endurance.


  1. Coffee: Well finally something we are all familiar with! Millions looking for an energy boost consume coffee. It acts on cardiovascular and nervous system to turn down fatigue levels, increase alertness and improve endurance. Power napping after caffeine is known to enhance performance and stimulate memory. It has been used with tonic herbs for centuries.


The use of pharmacologically active herbs for stimulating bodily systems and performance has been advocated since the beginning. It increases alertness and attention, which is required for a good sports performance. When taken during practice, herbal supplements can energize you. Herbal extracts are now manufactured as a multitude of preparations. They are available as capsules and tablets, decoctions, infusions, ground powder and as liquid manufacturing for energy shots.

Web Scrapping

Web Scrapping (which is also known as Web harvesting, Web data extraction) is a most rapidly emerging software technique, which is employed for extracting a large amount of information from the websites .It stores the information to a local file or database (CSV, XML, Spread-Sheets) in a structured manner (table form). Web Scrapping tools help in converting the unstructured data (which is not relational) into structured form (or HTML format).


Each and every content which is viewed on a web page can also be scrapped.

If a website allows visitors to view the information, to save it manually (copying-pasting), download and renders its content in a structured manner, then the content may be accessed programmatically.


How to do Scraping Manually

The first step in scrapping is to fetch the data by finding the endpoints or the URLs that return the data of your need. If you need only a specific subset of information, just go and navigate through the site.

Another option is to go to the search box, type a few terms and see the changes in URL. You can see GET parameter which changes on the basis of searched items. You will find a “?” as the beginning of a query and “&” symbol between the key value pair. Remove other unnecessary Get parameters.

It is time consuming task to write your own scripts or copy-paste. Some web scrapping tools allow for scrapping the data such as from yellow pages and saving in relational form. Just one click on each field is used for extracting the data. Data field’s example are Name, Mobile No, URL of the website and address etc.


Scraping Web using Software

It may takes weeks or months to download and extract information from millions of web pages. Thus, it is virtually impossible to extract all the information manually. For example, it is very difficult to get the details of products from ebay or Amazon, since there are too many web pages. The things get harder when we try to extract the specific information from sites in such case the need of web scrapping tools or services arises. List of some popular web scrappers is as follows:

  • Kimono: It is a new and absolutely free web scraping service produced by kimono labs. It is easy to use, you have to input the sites which you want to scrape and use their interface to tap the properties you are interested.
  • io: It provides paid and enterprise level services as well. You can use the magic tool for converting the website into a table form in a short time span. For more complex websites,just download their desktop application.
  • Uipath: It is the best software for non-coders and can extract data even from PDF files. It performs automation like navigation, clicking buttons and automated form filling etc.
  • Screen scrapper: You must have good coding skills to work on it. It performs tasks like extracting precise data. It performs great with the JavaScript and HTML.
  • Mozenda:It is a paid service and conjure most complex scrapping scenarios. ($110 per 500-600 pages)
  • Harvestman: It is a web crawler software application work on Python. It includes more than 70 options for customization. It is released and the General Public License (GPL). It works on command-line applications (console).
  • Scrapperwiki: Use just a little programming and done. Scraper wiki will provide all the data scraping information. It is basic to learn to get your own scrapes using the languages Python, Ruby or PHP.
  • org: It uses RSS tools for extracting content from Wikipedia, news, blog post and more. It is fast and can deploy easily on cloud without need of databases.


Web Scrapping Usage

Web Scrapers are used by Marketing analysts and SEO to get some data from the competitors’ site as links, emails & traffic sources, highly targeted keywordsetc. which are performed by the crawling sites. So the main usage of Scrapping are:

  • Weather data monitoring
  • Change detection in websites.
  • Research
  • Analyze websites quality links
  • Web mash up
  • Price comparison
  • Info graphics
  • Web data integration
  • Indexing and rank checking
  • Intelligence testing (Business intelligence and competitive Intelligence)
  • For saving content on the go i.e. save a copy of the website to your phone.
  • Product Data


Using web scraping tools, broad information can be extracted such as:

  • Web Usage – Information extracted from the log files and activity tracking.
  • Web Content- Information extracted from several web pages and documents.
  • Web Structure- Information extracted from the linking between data, pages, and other data.

Web Scrappers help to increase the profits. It minimizes cost and increases sales. Web Scraping is still the best technique for businesses. In each and every form, it helps to avoid the excessive work and scripting.






Flat Roofs

The shape of the roofs is different from region to region because of the climate conditions and availability of material for outer covering and roof structure. At first, we might view the flat roofs as best choice because it is simple to design and build. Our ancient forbears also thought the same hence it exists nearly all over the world. When we use the word flat or horizontal, it simply means a surface which is conforming to the surface of the earth. It is a slightly curved surface with a pitch of 10 degrees or less where the radius of curvature is large means at a level where a ball will remain stationary and will not move anywhere unless disturbed. This ancient form of roof construction is mainly used in desert areas/arid climate and also be used as a living space or living roof.


Types of Flat Roof Coverings


  1. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

TPO single-ply roofing membranes gained broad industry acceptance for their many performance and installation advantages. TPO roofing membranes are health reflective and energy efficient roofing systems which provide exceptional resistance to UV rays and all kind of chemical exposure. It is laminated in nature, the material at top and bottom are completely different often color is white and gray respectively.


  1. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

EPDM is a UV-resistant synthetic rubber waterproofing material and can be used without any protection to its surface. It is also resistant to many chemicals, temperature fluctuations. Average sheet size of EPDM is quite large in contrast to TPO having average thickness 40-50 mils.


  1. SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene)

SBS Roofing Systems include a synthetic rubber-based technology having exceptional flexibility in extremely low temperatures much like rubber. SBS may be installed in hot asphalt, cold adhesive or heat welded.

Flat Roofs Benefits

In contrast to other roof types, flat roofs are simple &cost-effective. Its surface area is small and requires less material. It provides ample space to be fully utilized for solar panels or recreational uses such as roof gardens, bathrooms, pigeon coops, tennis courts, restaurants, helipads etc.


Flat roofs repair and maintenance needs

Flat roofs can have a long lifespan if they are maintained correctly. The life span of the roof is also dependent upon the type of material being used. If you want your roof to be damage-free, you will have to follow a roof maintenance routine after a certain duration of time especially in rainy season or in heavy weather conditions. If you need external help to ensure quality roof maintenance, you can rely on professional contractors who offer reliable flat roof repair services in your area.

Regularly check the ceiling for any stains, blistering and take the corrective actions as soon as possible. After a heavy stone, check the roof for ponding, splitting or damage. The vegetation on the roof indicates that the water is being held on the roof in sufficient amount to allow the growth which ultimately lead to internal leakage. A good roof coating can be used to fix the leaks, delamination (blisters) and extend the life span of the roof by UV protection.

DIY Flay Roof Repair: There are two ways of rubber roof repair, in the first method the black rubber glue is applied to the membrane. The second method is peel and stick method which provides the better adhesion and lasts long using EPDM primer or Peel flashing.

Tar and Gravel Repair: Here all you will have to do is to clean the leaking spot, apply the tar and reinforcing mesh respectively and put the gravel over this patch. But the challenge is to find the leak, unlike the rubber roof repair mechanism in which it is easy to find flashing. It is covered with the loose gravel and highly resistant to radiations which ultimately causes degradation.

Trends in Dietary Supplements Industry

“Health is like money, we never have an idea of its true value until we lose it”.    Josh Billing



Dietary and vitamin supplements are products that add or supplement something to the food we eat. It may contain one or more ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, herbs, other botanicals and minerals. It is available in different forms like tablets, capsules, pills, and even liquid forms like syrups or tonics.




Vitamin supplements fall under the dietary supplement that has micro nutrients which enables the proper and smooth functioning of the body. Every vitamin has a specific way of benefitting the human body. For example the vitamin E helps in repairing of DNA and strengthening of the immune system. Different vitamins play important roles to enhance the ability of the body to protect and heal itself. Vitamin supplements have proven to be beneficial in treating pregnant and lactating mothers, people suffering from deficiency diseases, depression, stress, anxiety, autism and patients recovering from trauma.





The realization of the value of good health, the aging population of the U.S is seeking remedies to treat their existing health problems and ways to keep themselves healthy in the coming years. The increase in the income and household wealth is an important factor that initiated the investment by individuals in the supplement market. The other good reasons that contributed to the growth in the demand of the dietary supplement are the health awareness, easy accessibility of health products through different channels, new product launches, television commercials and above all the self directed consumer choices. The VMHS (VITAMIN MINERAL AND HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS) manufacturers have contributed a lot by their increasing marketing efforts aiming directly at the consumers. This has resulted in the increase of supplement purchases where the consumer has taken health in his or her own hands without the advice of the doctors. The VMHS sale was recorded highest at online stores and super markets. The online sales have increased tremendously because of the good product quality and convenience it provides.

Surveys reveal that high percentage of U.S population take dietary supplements. Vitamin supplements are popular among all age groups, majority of the adults in the U.S population about 68% use these supplement and 83% s have expressed their confidence in the products safety and efficiency.




Globally the value of the supplement market is estimated to be 82 billion US dollars. U.S alone contributes to 28% of this total value. The increased consumer awareness towards preventative measures will promote this further. The growth is expected to increase from 5% to 6% both for the U.S and Globally. The growth is expected to increase tremendously from 2016 to 2021.More and more companies are entering the markets with their newly formulated categories of these supplements. The market for these dietary and vitamin supplements are going competitive day by day with a wide range of products to choose from..Large and small or pharmaceuticals are equally extending their product category to meet the growing demand and to stand the cut throat competition to maximize their brand shares in the market. The VMHS expansion in the coming years will provide variable opportunities not only to the manufacturers but also the retailers to capitalize in a growing sector.


Furniture is cited as one of those materials that represent the status of a person in front of the guests. The choice of furniture represents one’s personality. Leather furniture always brings elegance to the concerned rooms. The inclusion of the leather furniture in the modern era adds sophistication and has over taken stereotype furniture. The metallic leather materials, sofas, sofa cum beds, wood lined leather sofas etc are few popular market purchases. Leather products are also well appreciated in the society as they are durable, comfortable, best in quality and make a style statement.

Shopping for a sofa is the next big thing. Sofas are meant to be in the heart of the every household. But it needs to be comfortable as well as look stylish to get a place in the drawing room. Due to hundreds of options available in the market, it is really a challenge to find a perfect one. Leather couches are more comfortable than their fabric counterparts and the maintenance is less. The durability is high and provides a cosy and warm feeling.

Like the leather couches, the leather made sofa beds are appreciated and loved by people as well. In the last two decades the demand for the sofa beds has increased substantially. What makes this leather made sofa beds so special? Well, the answer is almost same to that of the leather couches. These sofa beds are titans in the fields of durability, quality, safety, comfort and stylishness. Sofa cum bed leather sofas is usually foldable as one can change the shape as per requirements. This exquisite furniture also plays a key role in the space management in the household along with providing a royal feeling.

Modern sectional sofas are a latest trend in the world of furniture. It does not just provide support while sitting but also provides comfort and relaxation. Leather sectionals are the type of couches that are available in the modular corners. They are advantageous over other seating options as it provides everyone a seating option in the same couch. These sectional sofas are very simple to rearrange and the best choice for the small rooms. They are ahead of other seating options in terms of flexibility, durability, appearance and safety.